Writing a CV

There is an art to writing a CV but you don'™t need to be a budding novelist to write an effective one - in fact those who right war and peace often write a terrible CV!Bold colours, wacky fonts and distracting zig zag borders do make an impression – but not the right one! You don't want to stand out for all the wrong reasons!

Here are™s some key points to consider:
  • Include your personal details - name, address, phone number and email. Sounds obvious but people often forget them especially if you've loaded your CV to one of the job boards such as reed or monster.!
  • When you write your employment history and education details put your most recent achievements first. People want to see your current role at the top not the bottom of your CV!
  • Make the length of your CV relative to your work experience: if you have many year's€™ experience in a wide range of roles, you can justify a long CV. This only make it 2 pages isn'™t necessarily true! They don'€™t want chapter and verse but cutting it down too much might cut out critical information. Let us help guide you on what to include and what no to include.!
  • You can sound professional without using jargon or 'management-speak'. Keep your writing clear, direct and focused. Do nott use acronyms that only someone in your current company would understand! It just makes understanding your CV a nightmare!
  • Cover letters are great but they can get separated from your CV when they land on a desk, so ensure your CV is specific for this role and has a summary on why you think this role is right for you.
  • Don't talk about your social life unless your activities display an important skill such as leadership or teamwork.
  • Most importantly, proofread your CV. There should be no spelling, punctuation or grammar errors: unprofessional CVs are rejected. If you find editing your own work difficult, ask someone you trust to read your CV -  don'€™t just rely on spell check as it can miss critical errors!

We are here to help you and ensure you make the right impression first time around so we can work together to get this right.