Our free advice to you

So we will share with you 5 things that the other team would rather we didn'€™t but we know it matters - a lot..

  1. BE SELECTIVE in who you allow to represent you. If you found your recruiter to be unprofessional rude or not especially pleasant to deal with, you have to think about how well do you think they present to the client? All companies want good candidates but they will ALWAYS prefer applicants from companies with whom they trust and know to be professional. Exclusivity is a word often flaunted in this industry but rarely is true. Many clients will work with a panel of agencies so if it doesn'€™t feel right, shop around.
  2. YOU A€™RE NOT A SQUARE PEG so don'€™t be put in a round hole! You are you and you are unique. Don'€™t be talked into applying for a job that just doesn't sound right for you. It's great to be open minded but don'€™t allow someone to put you forward for a role that you really aren'€™t comfortable with, no matter how pushy they get! Most are targeted to get people at interviews and so may and do anything to get you there You are more than a number and don'€™t be afraid to say no.
  3. KNOW THE NAME OF THE COMPANY you are being submitted to. Don't fall for the "I can'€™t disclose the clients name at this stage"€! It'€™s not true. Maybe they are worried about you going direct but if they are taking care of you as they should, you wouldn'€™t need to go direct and you would massively benefit from the support they should be giving to get you through the interview process. You won'€™t get that by going direct. Don'€™t make it easy for lazy recruiters and make sure you are in control and know exactly where your CV is being sent to. Ensure they have your permission to go out and represent you.
  4. ACCEPT HELP WHEN OFFERED If your recruiter offers to help you prepare for your interview, take them up on it! It'€™s free and it will in most cases be beneficial. Worry about the consultant who doesn'€™t offer to help! A good consultant will know their client and interview process well. Even the strongest candidate can benefit from running things through with an experienced recruiter. We are there to help you, not trip you up. Take full advantage.
  5. NEVER CHASE AN AGENCY! A reputable recruitment company shouldn'€™t need you to chase them. It is our job to make sure you'€™re kept up to date even when there are no updates to share -€“ just so you know we haven'€™t forgotten about you! Even if you were not successful, you can learn from constructive feedback so if the agency is swerving your calls or emails, it'€™s time to delete their details and find a better company to represent you next time around.

And remember, you are a person and not a commodity! We don'€™t exist without you.